TropaPMS Feature Highlights


Dynamic Dashboard

One-click access to your appointments, hospitalized patients, and active treatment plans.


Self-service Patient Portal

Patients can book and manage appointments from their own internet device.


Digital Patient Records

See complete patient history, diagnostic results, and medications on one page!



Create an online store with just a few clicks!


Prescription Management

Easily track and print all prescriptions of your patients from any device.


Treatments & Subscription

Manage and track the progress of treatments and subscription plans, e.g., vaccinations.


Smart POS

 A simple and powerful inventory management system that integrates with the POS. Customizable with e-payment and delivery options.


Waiting Screen

Web-based waiting screen to visually let your patients know the status of the queue.



A Philippine-compliant payroll system that handles attendance with photo verification, night differential pay, holiday pay, 13th-month pay calculation, and benefits administration.


Php  999 .00 

/ month per doctor
  • Digital Patient Records
  • Online Appointment Booking
  • SMS Notification
  • Payroll Processing (up to 10 Employees)


Php  1,999 .00

/ month per doctor
  • Basic Tier Features
  • Waiting Screen   
  • POS System with Online Store
  • Payroll Processing (up to 50 Employees)


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/ month per doctor
  • Professional Tier Features
  • On-premise Server
  • Email, Phone, and Phone Support
  • Device for doctor, staff, and patients

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