Tropa HRIS + Payroll Feature Highlights

Recruitment Page

No coding required! A branded recruitment page that applicants can see and apply to open positions.

Multi-channel Applications

Email, walk-in, socials, and job portal applications in one place!


Online Recruitment Exams

Applicants can take customizable exams from home.



One-click onboarding that automatically creates an employee profile and triggers the requests for credentials, training schedule, and employee requirements.


Digital Employee 201 File

No need for filing cabinets. Access employee profiles that show all pertinent information, e.g., contact details, schedules, disciplinary actions, appraisals, payslips, and many more.



A Philippine-compliant payroll system that handles attendance with photo verification, night differential pay, holiday pay, and benefits administration.


Attendance Dashboard

Live dashboard view that shows how many employees are working, on leave, on break, and more!


Employee Self-service

Employees can request time-off and download their payslips using their own accounts!



Track where your work-at-home employees are clocking in and out from.


How can Tropa help our business?

Tropa streamlines several aspects of your employee's life cycle in your company. From recruitment to offboarding, you can do it all in one platform.

How do I get started?

We only need you to answer a one-page form so we can configure the system to suit your requirements. After that, we will work closely
with you for 30 days to set everything up.

What device do I need to use for the attendance kiosk?

You can use any iOS, Android, or web capable device. We provide free tablets for companies with over 100 employees. 

Will the employee's get their own access?

Yes. Employees get access to their own Tropa account where they can:

        1. Clock in and out
        2. Apply for leaves and overtime
        3. View their leave credits
        4. Download their payslips
        5. Access their project boards

Access to these features can be added or removed depending on the employee.

Is my data safe?

Yes. We built Tropa with security at the top of our list. Your data is always transmitted via HTTPS and stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, which are ISO 27001 and PCI DSS L1 Certified.


Php 99 .00

/ month per user
  • Full featured HRIS + Payroll
  • Employee and Project Management
  • Leave Management
  • Email Support

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